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Angel of Tight

viết bởi Grown, Ngày 02 tháng 6 năm 2017

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Nội dung: English

Grown (Xem thông tin cá nhân) 13:27:50 Ngày 02 tháng 6 năm 2017

"Angel of tight, you only bring dorkness to my soul"

"Angel of style, you bling so much because that mistake is in fashion"

"Accuser of man, you too have no legitimate interest in order nor morality"

"Angel of style, your repugnancy costs are off-scale tall poppy syndrome and negative selection"

"Angel of tight, you work so hard to be cool because jealousy leaves you with so little"

"Angel of the fallen, I need some substance, I won't let your toxicity control me"

"Father of lies, your arguments are biased, unsound, and just plain loose"

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