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New Member with questions

od uživatele Traduku ze dne 4. března 2006

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bentpenspinner (Ukázat profil) 10. září 2006 18:31:14

I'll look go check out the fundamento. I think I should try ana pana as well. once again as a newb I thank you!

Maverynthia (Ukázat profil) 12. září 2006 3:07:09


It uses Windows Media Player so you'll need the ActiveX plugin for it to work in FireFox.

Well I can't even get it to work in IE where ActiveX is native... :'( Really these webpages should give up activeX in favor of Flash or better content that plays on all browsers. Especially if it's an Esperanto site...

erinja (Ukázat profil) 12. září 2006 16:28:50

Talking Pie:Personally, I would suggest trying whatever you can find. Sometimes I try learning things (Esperanto stuff, songs on guitar, anything), and if I can't do something, I come back to it later and suddenly realise "oh, I get that now", and it's easier to learn what I previously was stuck on.

If you're lucky enough to find a copy of the Fundamento in your library, definitely read that. If not, read one of the versions online (I'm sure someone here will have a link).

Persone, mi sugestus ke vi penu ion ajn ke vi trovas. Kelkfoje, mi provas lerni iojn (esperantaj aĵoj, gitaraj kantoj, io ajn), kaj se mi ne estas ebla fari ĝin, mi revenos al ĝi pli malfrue kaj mi subite konscios "ho, mi nun komprenas tion!", kaj ĝi estas pli facila lerni ĝin ol antaŭe.

Se vi estas bonŝanca trovi kopion de la Fundamento en via biblioteko, definitive legi ĝin. Se ne, legas unu de la versiojn rete (mi estas certa ke iu ĉi tie havos ĉeneron).


To anyone who's any good at Esperanto; I just had a terrible time attempting to translate my post, and I feel that it was still fraught with mistakes. Did it make any sense at all?
There were mistakes and some things that were too literally translated, and thus didn't make that much sense in Esperanto. But on the whole, I could tell what you were trying to say. Let me know if you want me to go through and correct it.

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