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About us

lernu!: a word in Esperanto which means "learn!"

General information

lernu!: a free website for getting to know and learning the international language, Esperanto. It's also a sort of experiment in learning languages online, without a teacher, and without classes. We are open to working together and we would gladly exchange experiences and ideas!

It is also a kind of experiment in methodology of on-line language learning without an instructor or classroom. We are open to collaboration and willingly exchange experiences and techniques.


The idea of lernu! as a learning environment was conceived in connection with the first Education@Internet (E@I) seminar in Sweden in April 2000, and was solidified in October 2001 during the second E@I, also in Sweden. In July 2002, the project received support from the foundation ESF, and we started work that August. The official launch occurred four months later, in December 2002.

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