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Studio Gaus GmbH is a firm concerned with international internet projects. The field of activity is very comprehensive: from the drafting of concepts and design to coordination and final technical realization of large web projects. Among other things, it has wide experience in creating multilingual websites with a large number of visitors, and experience cooperating with other organizations and firms in the international arena. The main focus is on the projects, whose main goal is education through modern technology.

The website functions thanks to the support, cooperation, and help of many organizations and people from around the world.


Esperantic Studies Foundation

United States |

The Esperantic Studies Foundation (ESF) was created in 1968 as a means of advancing scientific research and dialogue on questions relating to world language problems and language politics, including Esperanto. The main goals are to advance understanding and practice of linguistic justice in a multicultural world, and to develop and support high level activism for research, education, and interlingual communication. ESF has been the main source of financial support for lernu! since the beginning of its existence.


Slovakia |

Education@Internet (E@I) is an international youth organization, which supports international cooperation and communication across the globe through the preparation of educational projects. It supports intercultural learning and the use of languages and internet technology. In addition, E@I organizes various arrangements, including, among other things, summer Esperanto courses. The initial idea for lernu! was conceived in one of the seminars of E@I and since then the organization actively helps with the dissemination of the project.

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We are constantly searching for collaborators interested in helping us improve the website, translate it to as many languages as possible, improve our dictionary, and so on. If you are interested in these tasks, please contact the team.

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