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Caption This

af emmamillathompson, 2. jan. 2019

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emmamillathompson (Vise profilen) 2. jan. 2019 05.05.10

take the below pic and caption it. once we have decided that someone nailed it and we can't do better, that person gets to pick a picture.

here is pic to get it started: http://i.imgur.com/6jisri8.jpg

can add text at:http://wigflip.com/roflbot/

schnellfenster (Vise profilen) 2. jan. 2019 13.10.53

I'm in but how to attach pics?

Sheep_tester (Vise profilen) 4. jan. 2019 22.36.49

I think you can do [[]img]IMAGE URL[[]/img]

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