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Why do people learn Esperanto know it will be difficult to find people to speak with?

von Nala_Cat15, 29. Juni 2019

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novatago (Profil anzeigen) 5. Juli 2019 08:15:36

Well, I don't know what the first post was telling or asking but answering the title question, I have to say that it's just no difficult to find speakers, nor today, nor in the past (in Europe or big countries). Today because of internet. In the past it was easy, but just not a quick thing. You could go to a congress or to contact in some way an association.

Anyway, there is a lot of people that learn English and they think they have made that decision: nope! They haven't! They just began in the school, they just follow the flock, they need it for their career, it was not their own decision even if they are happy of learn it and to can use it.

With Esperanto you have several reasons to learn it. From to make work the brains, to to know really different people.

Ĝis, Novatago (blogo / 7 + 1)

Turfalko (Profil anzeigen) 7. Dezember 2019 09:36:02

eventa servo !!!!!

MiMalamasLaAnglan (Profil anzeigen) 11. Dezember 2019 16:17:26

Nala_Cat15:Since the post was in english, i simply wanted to be inclusive if people dont speak english well so they can reply in Esperanto. And yes i do understand the point of esperanto and the goals of the language etc. Now don’t give me grief about it , and please focus on the topic of the question. But since you insist on this being “unjust” to non native English speakers i’ll edit the question. Lets be respectful and keep our cool. I also never said people have to learn English. In fact, i don’t support the spread of english in the slightest. Now please keep on topic.
Sorry for writing in English here, but the primary language of this website is Esperanto. English is discouraged, but not prohibited. Other languages are fine to use. I would recommend that you use English only when you are discussing the English language itself or specifically targeting English-speaking komencantojn.

Mi pardonas, ĉar mi ĉi tie skribas angle, sed la ĉefa lingvo de ĉi tiu retejo estas Esperanto. La anglan oni fortimigas, sed ne malpermesas. Aliajn lingvojn oni povas uzi sentime. Mi rekomendas, ke vi uzu la anglan nur kiam vi priparolas la anglan lingvon mem aŭ kiam vi specife celas paroli al anglalingvaj komencantoj.

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