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Esperanto on your CV/resumé?

by Vestitor, August 27, 2015

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novatago (User's profile) September 30, 2019, 5:36:00 PM

When I do it, I place it in "spoken languages" because it's a proper language indeed and it's a skill for fields related with languages and tourism.

But it's not mandatory to place it there, and it will depend on what kind of job are you applying for. For some people and jobs, it would be totally ok to place it in hobbies.

My full opinion about it:

Ĝis, Novatago (blogo / 7 + 1)

Zam_franca (User's profile) September 30, 2019, 6:25:41 PM

Dankon. Ne respondu al BAYLILAT, li (ĉu ĝi?) estas spamisto (ĉu spamilo?).

Mi pensas speciale pri la lingvinstrua kaj la turisma sektoroj.

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