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Lernu t-shirts

de erinja, 2007-januaro-16

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erinja (Montri la profilon) 2007-januaro-16 11:47:38

Hi everyone

Recently I have been working on building an online store for lernu! t-shirts and other merchandise (mugs? mousepads? anything!). This is intended to fulfill the demand for lernu! shirts, until the person in Europe who handles shirts is able to get another batch printed.

So I'm asking you, the users - what kinds of products are you interested in seeing at the store? What kinds of designs are you interested in seeing on the products?

Click below to see the different products available for adding designs:

What kinds of designs are you interested in having on a shirt? The lernu! logo? Zam? Maz the cat? The evil Zamaĉo? Some clever saying in Esperanto? "Ridetu kaj lernu!", like these: Lernu! advertising posters ?

Let me know your ideas; we will be able to have multiple designs, so it's ok if not everyone agrees.

nw2394 (Montri la profilon) 2007-januaro-17 00:32:16

waxle:On the back- Zamenhof in greyscale (in lines/dots, like an engraving, or as pictures seen in a Victorian newspaper) with thought bubbles, containing the phrase "Ne estus sekreta lingvo se vi nur LERNUS!"
Yeah, mi ŝatas tiun ideon.

Not so sure I like green star on its own. Call me old fashioned if you like, but I find it reminiscent of the stars the Jews had to wear. I don't mind the star when it is in the context of the E-o flag..


Mendacapote (Montri la profilon) 2007-januaro-17 01:12:49

I see nothing wrong with the green star in the front... it wouldn´t be denigrating. From my point of view the proposed design would be just cool!!!

Mendacapote (Montri la profilon) 2007-januaro-17 02:09:04

ON the front...

nw2394 (Montri la profilon) 2007-januaro-17 02:40:01

waxle:In every picture I've ever seen of him, Zamenhof is wearing a small green star on his lapel.
Yeah, I dare say. But he lived before the holocaust.

Anyway, it is an association that I make. Maybe others don't. I just wouldn't be seen dead wearing a simple star as a sign of belonging to any group. If others would, fine.

In any case, I like the flag.


RiotNrrd (Montri la profilon) 2007-januaro-17 03:42:02

nw2394:Not so sure I like green star on its own.
Actually, the description didn't put the green star on its own. It put it over the word Esperanto.

I personally don't see a large yellow six pointed star (I suppose with the word "Juden" in the middle), and a small green five pointed star (over the word "Esperanto") as really being terribly similar designs, aside from their both superficially being stars. But that's just me.

Not trying to argue with you here. Tastes differ. But I just don't see ANY tie in with the holocaust in the description of the design as given.

paulogeyer (Montri la profilon) 2007-januaro-17 05:54:19

i'd like t-shirts with some funny images, like this

why we are talking in english? okulumo.gif

Mendacapote (Montri la profilon) 2007-januaro-17 11:08:56

Yeah, funny but too scatologic, cxu ne?

nw2394 (Montri la profilon) 2007-januaro-17 18:19:57

paulogeyer:why we are talking in english? okulumo.gif
Because Erinja posted her message twice. Once in the E-o forum and once in the English forum.

She hasn't created a pre-1066 English forum yet okulumo.gif

RiotNrrd (Montri la profilon) 2007-januaro-17 20:01:12

paulogeyer:why we are talking in english?
Because this is the english language section of the forum?

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