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û(\U+FFC3\U+FFBB) is not accepted by lesson quizzes

by xu_codes, August 31, 2021

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xu_codes (User's profile) August 31, 2021, 1:06:39 PM


I am a macOS user, therefore I am used to the "ABC - Extended" keyboard layout to type the character "ǔ" (By pressing 'Alt+v' then u).
But at lesson 2-8, It will reject the answer "mil sescent naǔ" for the question "1609".
Later I found that if I use the input method provided by the website to type "ŭ" (By pressing 'u' then 'x'), it would work.

It turns out that the former "ǔ" I typed with "ABC - Extended" has the Unicode Endpoint "\U+FFC3\U+FFBB", while the later "ŭ" uses "\U+FFC5\U+FFAD".

I think it might be a good idea to accept the former "ǔ" as an equivalent of traditional "ŭ".

xu_codes (User's profile) August 31, 2021, 2:19:51 PM


Nur kelkaj minutoj post mi publikigi ĉi tiu temo, mi trovis ke estis mi kiu faris la eraron.
Sed mi devis atendi sesdek minutojn por modifi ĉi tiu temo aŭ publikigi novan respondon.

Estas "alt+b" la prava klavo por la ĉapelo '˘'.

~~Mi fermos ĉi tiun temon.~~ Ne estas metodo por fermi temo.

Also: I just found that I accidentally put "û" instead of "ǔ" in the title. I didn't mean that I want the obviously incorrect character "û" to be acceptable.

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