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French Pouvoir Devoir Esperanto Povi dovi

by bizerd, June 25, 2022

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bizerd (User's profile) June 25, 2022, 1:37:52 PM

when Esperanto was made French is earth language French is inflected language English is not inflected language.Esperanto took example the english

j'ai pu
Tu as pu
İl a pu
Nous avons pu
Vous avez pu
İls ont pu
This Esperanto is povis
je pourrai
Tu pourras
il pourra
Nous pourrons
Vous pourrez
ils pouront
Zamenholf abolished french inflected struction.Devoir-Dovi verbs is seen same situation Esperanto took vocabulary from french por en pensi French has influence on Esperanto but ı do not know french so ı could not write Best regards

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