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ŝanĝajo el la ekrano

by alucard3, June 1, 2024

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alucard3 (User's profile) June 1, 2024, 10:52:01 PM

Bonvolu, klarigi kiel uzi la ekrano pri vortoj ŝ au ĝ. Mi post-escrivi x

Hi. Sorry for the krokodili Could you please anyone explain to me How to write words like ŝ or ĝ. I used just to write x after s o g. Any update? I can´t switch my Windows keyboard

Metsis (User's profile) June 3, 2024, 6:26:37 AM


How to type the accented letters of Esperanto is a FAQ on many Esperanto forums. You can search for instance with Google for " keyboard" to get a list of discussions here in Lernu.

The solutions can be divided into a couple of broad categories.
  • keyboards
  • program specific ways to type
  • general ways to type
I prefer the last way, a solution that works for all programs I use. These are usually somekiind of text substitution programs that use the x- or h-system. I personally use on MS Windows 11 a program called AutoHotkey (free to use) with my settings file (download from my Dropbox, no registration required, downloads begins immediately) with uses the x-system, i.e. type sx and it gets replaced with ŝ.

SlavikDze (User's profile) June 3, 2024, 6:31:05 PM

Ŝajnas, ke ju pli okcidente rezidas iu ulo, des pli mallerta li estas en uzado de sia propra komputilo.
Mi jam informis ĉu-forume, kiel eblas tajpi diakritaĵojn, uzante ordinaran Word-programon:

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