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volapukajo Happens

by SEYMOUR, March 11, 2005

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SEYMOUR (User's profile) March 11, 2005, 9:40:36 PM

Now I notice the difference about being active and passive regarding


The reason I said this is because recently I had expirience what I called

"real life"encounter with a samideano.

I had a conversation by phone;if such a thing can be call a conversation.

It's convenient to add that my esperanto is good enough.or at least that

what I thought!.but when u have phone calls from penpals and especially

from the oposite gender,and unexpected.that's a mind blower;in mind case

I don't remenber how many times I said saluton;and unfortunately for me

this lady don't speak english,french,spanish or portugese;just russian as

pure as their vodka,so u just imagine what a moment we went trough trying

to understand each other.was funny though,when I calm down,I started to

remenber couple of things;not all,but a lot better than repeating saluton as


what the message here? well, in order to master a language u have to

practice it passively and actively enough!.specially the active part which

comprise conversation and live discussions;like conventions or like my

case having a penpal dare enough to take that first step and make a

simple phone calls;otherwise u take that first step.

and have that dictionary handy.


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