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How do some people do it?

di pinto, 09 settembre 2004

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Eujensc (Mostra il profilo) 29 maggio 2005 13:27:06

I only took an interest in languages recently, but it seems that each new language takes less learning than the last.

If only for the sake of memorising words mnemonically. For example, to remember "pomo" I think of the French "pomme" (apple) but also the Japanese "momo" (peach), which is a similar fruit. The thought of the object combined with Esperanto just reminds me of those two words.

Everyone learns differently. Myself, I am logically minded, so I learn by quickly memorising the first 1000 or so words using linkword techniques and then piecing the grammar together by reading. If you're more creative-minded, you're probably better off adapting to the grammar and picking up the words as you go along. See what works.

merrymoon (Mostra il profilo) 02 giugno 2005 17:54:23

I speak French, Spanish and English.  I can read and write Latin and have a basic knowledge of Russian.  I love languages and so I am trying to learn as many as possible.  English is my native language but I have always been brought up with elements of Russian.  I learn French, Spanish and Latin by linking words between languages and just using them as much as possible.  Next year I hope to start Italian and Japanese.  I started Esperanto because the idea of an iternational language appealed to me.

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