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What is the next goal of esparanto?

de Felifen25, 23 de agosto de 2020

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Nephihaha (Mostrar o perfil) 23 de novembro de 2020 19:59:34

Nephihaha:There seems to be a lack of Esperanto films. There's that one with William Shatner many people moan about and there's one on Amazon Prime right now, but it would be nice to have something entertaining just to immerse oneself in the language.
Producing films cost a lot of money... and time. The Esperanto community cannot afford creating films, but I think UEA and other associations should produce more and more short videos.
Yes and no. Producing films of a reasonable quality is actually far cheaper than it was when ?Inkubo was made, and editing is also easier because it can be done digitally rather than with scissors and a lot of patience.

Amateurs can even use digital effects now. Unthinkable thirty years ago.

Zam_franca (Mostrar o perfil) 24 de novembro de 2020 08:13:25

Inkubo was made by non-esperantists.

sudanglo (Mostrar o perfil) 24 de novembro de 2020 15:52:23

The next goal for the Esperantists is international money - ie to revive the Spesmilo.

Let's be the first to have only gold-backed money on the planet. Practically all the existing fiat currencies are clearly heading for the toilet.

Metsis (Mostrar o perfil) 25 de novembro de 2020 09:05:30

What is that money good for if there is no business, no way to use it?

telegina (Mostrar o perfil) 28 de novembro de 2020 22:54:35

The important thing is that by creating your own currency, you can also create a fund. It would sponsor the work of the Esperantists.
All it takes is to support 20% of the currency (the real example is Tether ).

altair_of_8800 (Mostrar o perfil) 29 de novembro de 2020 23:07:57

Producing a reasonable film is more of a time issue than a money issue these days. As the saying goes, "Cheap, fast, and good: pick two".

I do think more media is a pretty good idea. I know there are some original plays, which would save some time on production. Maybe find a group of Esperantists, put on a live performance, and record it? "Esperanto Community Theater" isn't as thrilling as a feature length film, but it would still be a performance of an original Esperanto work which isn't just talking about Esperanto.

telegina (Mostrar o perfil) 30 de novembro de 2020 07:59:39

I somewhat doubt that shooting a bad movie is the next goal of Esperanto. If you do something, do it good. For example, Exploring Esperanto (already mentioned above) The best way to help him is to donate on the Patreon, or find actorsridulo.gif
In the meantime, you can watch this 25-minute clip:
Do you want something like this, but longer?

One more thing. Making a film is the goal of the Raumists. I think the Finvenkists will be more inclined to the idea of currency.

sudanglo (Mostrar o perfil) 30 de novembro de 2020 15:52:21

Both gold and silver have a long history as monetary metals. Whilst you may not remember a time when the coins in your change had any precious metal in them, your grandparents probably do, and they also may well still have some of the older silver coins in their possession.

Such coins are immediately international money. The Silver market is volatile but it is international. On any one day the price of silver bullion is not different significantly in France or Germany or Canada or Brazil and will not vary much over the course of the typical duration on any Esperanto event.

Also the smallest silver coin (unlike the smallest gold coin) will have a value that is practical for the purchase of low cost items, like a beer or cup of coffee.

Now you could for any such coin use the silver gold ratio (how many ounces of silver it takes to purchase an ounce of gold) to calculate its value in Spesmiloj , but it might be simpler to just quote prices at the congress in grams of silver.

Or you could use the Stelo as your unit of account and fix the Stelo/Silver exchange rate that applies to your particular international Esperanto event.

Remember the value of 1 Stelo (unlike the value of 1 Spesmilo) is arbitrary.

It would work like this, on arrival at the congress you would tender your silver coins at the Stelo-Borso and receive Stelo paper money (valid only for that congress). You would use your Stelo-'bankbiletoj' to purchase drinks or books during the congress.

If at the end you had not spent all your Steloj, you would have the right to to exchange your paper money back into Silver coin, or if the Stelo-biletoj were rather attractively printed you could take them home as a souvenir of the congress.

sudanglo (Mostrar o perfil) 1 de dezembro de 2020 18:18:58

On reflection, it now seems obvious to me that you need to translate the Silver into a separate unit of account.

This deals with the problem that some kongresanoj might be reluctant to surrender their silver coins for the value of their silver content only.

If any such coin were particularly well preserved or for some other reason would merit a collector's premium, this can be dealt with at Stelo-Borso by offering more Stelo-biletoj in exchange - ie adding a percentage to the declared por-kongresa Siver/Stelo-kurzo.

On the other hand participants might only bring along only very worn silver coins for which there wouldn't be a great demand on Ebay and be glad to receive even a valuation just on the silver content.

So who could design a Stelo-bileto? Would anybody like to post in the forum an image of their design ?

skribiion (Mostrar o perfil) 2 de dezembro de 2020 04:58:02

You need those things which make up the heart of a society. Religion (translations of religious texts), literature, movies, games/video games, legends/stories, and videos.

If Esperanto is to truly become something greater than it is at this moment then more effort needs to be put into these things.

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