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What is the next goal of esparanto?

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Felifen25 (Kwerekana umwidondoro) 23 Nyandagaro 2020 17:19:52

With progress such as Google translate and Duolingo. I sounded what is the next goal of esparanto?

stergro (Kwerekana umwidondoro) 23 Nyandagaro 2020 17:54:25

I think a good next step (besides suporting real world gatherings) would be to focus on regular professional media productions like shows, documentaries and audiobooks. Things that help you to really use the language in your daily life.

There is one monthly magazine in Esperanto that focuses on non-esperanto issues (monato), a growing youtube scene and many non commercial projects, but I really miss things like Esperanto audiobooks on audible or 90 minutes documentaries about the animal live in the amazon rainforest.I think people would be willing to pay monthly for a professional streaming service in Esperanto, it could start slowly with translations and dubs and slowly develop to real original entertainment in Esperanto. I would definitely pay for something like this and if you find 2000 people willing to pay 5 € per month you could pay a small full-time working team.

One could start e. g. with prefessional recordings of Esperanto concerts. You would only need a team of two or three capable people for that. I would focus on timless content that people can still enjoy in 10 or 20 years so that you get a growing library of interesting media in Esperanto where no investment is every really lost.

Metsis (Kwerekana umwidondoro) 23 Nyandagaro 2020 20:57:03

Stergo pravas: Esperanto needs business. I can think only few well-known Esperanto businesses:
  • the language learning app Duolingo (with a freemium business model)
  • the record label Vinilkosmo
  • the fellow Esperantist seeking app Amikumu (with a pay-for-ad-removal business model)
Esperantujo bezonas pli da komerco!

stergro (Kwerekana umwidondoro) 24 Nyandagaro 2020 07:44:22

Mi pensas ke la jutuba kanalo Exploring Esperanto estas tre interesa ekzemplo. Aleks kelkfoje vere pagas aktoroj por krei filmojn en Esperanto. Li ankaŭ eksperimentis kun dubado kaj li jam gajnas 200 € per monato per Patreon por lia laboro.

Nephihaha (Kwerekana umwidondoro) 22 Munyonyo 2020 14:12:05

Well it's not on Babbel, AFAIK so that could be a goal. Linguaphone, and Teach Yourself have been producing Esperanto materials for a good long while. Decades in fact.

Evildea has suggested video games on his channel. I learn by doing and listening and it would be fun to have more material in Esperanto which is not just discussing Esperanto.

I think anything that puts Esperanto ahead of just being another geek language like Klingon or Dothraki etc.

Nephihaha (Kwerekana umwidondoro) 22 Munyonyo 2020 14:13:03

There seems to be a lack of Esperanto films. There's that one with William Shatner many people moan about and there's one on Amazon Prime right now, but it would be nice to have something entertaining just to immerse oneself in the language.

Zam_franca (Kwerekana umwidondoro) 22 Munyonyo 2020 17:08:42

Nephihaha:There seems to be a lack of Esperanto films. There's that one with William Shatner many people moan about and there's one on Amazon Prime right now, but it would be nice to have something entertaining just to immerse oneself in the language.
Producing films cost a lot of money... and time. The Esperanto community cannot afford creating films, but I think UEA and other associations should produce more and more short videos.

LM59650 (Kwerekana umwidondoro) 23 Munyonyo 2020 10:50:10

Maybe films don't have to be produced in Esperanto. Existing films could be translated to Esperanto.
"Star Wars" is produced in English and translated to many languages.
I don't think that the translation itself would cost many M$, it's not really a technical problem, probably more a legal problem. If one has to pay 50 M$ just for the right to translate and distribute "Star Wars" in Esperanto, that will never be done, the market is far too small.

Zam_franca (Kwerekana umwidondoro) 23 Munyonyo 2020 16:52:23

Translating movies... Even if you just mean creating Esperanto subtitles, it will take time. I don't think many esperantists are ready to spend hours and hours to make Esperanto subtitles like "Obivan-Kenobi, vi estas nia lasta espero" :/. And as you said, there are maybe legal problems and almost nobody will use such translations.

LM59650 (Kwerekana umwidondoro) 23 Munyonyo 2020 18:22:17

I am ready to spend time on this if I can sell my work okulumo.gif
And without legal problems, I pay royalties.
In fact, if a market exists, I could create a company, pay translators,and not just for subtitles, we also need speakers for voices.
If 200000 esperanto speakers are ready to pay 5$ for an esperanto version of "Star Wars", that's 1 M$.
The questions are :
- is it possible to pay translators, voices, and the royalties , with such a budget, and also make a small profit.
- does this market really exist, with 200000 E-o speakers ready to pay 5 $ ?
By the way, is "Star Wars" translated to languages that have only a few millions of speakers ?

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