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To say: how old are you / i'm ... years old

од Thorino, 28. јун 2005.

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Thorino (Погледати профил) 28. јун 2005. 15.07.35

How do you say

how old are you / i'm ... years old?


- Nanna

trojo (Погледати профил) 29. јун 2005. 15.12.08

Like this:

Kiom estas via aĝo? Mia aĝo estas 29.

JoyGerhardt (Погледати профил) 29. јун 2005. 23.53.54

Kiom da jaroj havas vi - sen akuzativo.

trojo (Погледати профил) 01. јул 2005. 23.36.42

Are you sure it's not:

Kiom da jarojn havas ti?/Mi havas 14 jarojn.

There are many ways to phrase it, and I'm sure your way is correct also, aside from the superfluous -n.

In the Bildoj kaj Demandoj course on this site they give it in Parto 28 as "Kiom aĝas Ana? Ana aĝas dek ok jarojn". In the Ana Pana course Parto 1, it appears as "Mia aĝo estas 18" (questions have not been learned yet at that point in the Ana Pana course). I'm sure I've seen the "mi havas iom da jaroj" type of phrasing somewhere also.

So use whatever you are comfortable with. I just happen to like "Kiom estas via aĝo? Mia aĝo estas 29". In many ways the most similar to English I guess.

boy-o (Погледати профил) 04. јул 2005. 04.20.26

"How many years do you have?" "I have iom da years" is a very common way to express age in the romance languages b/c their logic shows it as a collection.  I have 18, i have 20.

the germanic tounges are a little more...for lack of a better word, "personal", in that they express many qualties of one, such as age, as being a part of the individual e.g. I am 18. I am 20.

b/c esperanto is a mix of languages, I think one could get by using either, though depending on native tounge of the questionee, it may be met awkwardly.

Machjo (Погледати профил) 04. јул 2005. 10.14.32

Kiomjaraĝa vi estas?

or how about (I've never come across this before, but I can't see why it would be wrong):

Kiomjaraĝas vi? or Vi kiomjaraĝas?

Mi estas dek-jaraĝa.

Or what about:

Mi dek-jaraĝas.?

AlexandreMsx (Погледати профил) 12. јул 2005. 02.11.50

Qwertie (Погледати профил) 17. јул 2005. 23.16.29

I don't see any reason you couldn't say "Kiom agxa vi estas?", mirroring the English "how old are you?"  Then my response might be "Mi estas dudek kvar agxe".

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