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Online Esperanto Videos/TV/Programs

av Maverynthia, 9 september 2006

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Språk: English

danila458 (Visa profilen) 16 september 2006 12:23:00

Mi pardonpetas
Vi sendube pravas

scottish_chic (Visa profilen) 16 september 2006 20:50:44

Novico Dektri:Yes. My favourite is www.farbskatol.net .

It adds new videos often, and many of them are quite humorous.
Yes!!! I love the football in Esperanto video!
My dad (who doesnt speak a word of Esperanto) was even laughing

Maverynthia (Visa profilen) 17 september 2006 08:36:31

waxle:There are occasions when they (ITV) don't have any programming... I've found that this is usually late in the evening (Central Standard Time, GMT-6). I've never had a problem on Saturday during the day or Sunday in the evening.
THAT might be it, though if it is Internacia TV I'd like to think they'd have something on all day since not everyone is on the same timezone. I'll try accessing it when it's daylight out here. Though I really think they should go to a Flash Film style to where you can view them at any time... ridulo.gif

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