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How to send message through this website?

ya siskadiani, 6 Juni 2017

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Lugha: English

siskadiani (Wasifu wa mtumiaji) 6 Juni 2017 9:39:11 asubuhi

I viewed some profiles here but I cant send message. How to send it? well Im new here and I really want to have some friends to talk and learn esperanto together!

thyrolf (Wasifu wa mtumiaji) 6 Juni 2017 10:19:41 asubuhi

Some months before, they renovated and polished up this site. Since then it is not possible any more to send private messages. This is one of the big problems of this renewed site.

They promised to solve that, but is looks like the administrators disappeared somehow.

You only could post your email-adress or other ressources of contact here, within the public forum.

MiMalamasLaAnglan (Wasifu wa mtumiaji) 15 Juni 2017 8:41:08 alasiri

I've heard that some staff members are active users, but they won't work on the Lernu message system.

max.moon (Wasifu wa mtumiaji) 5 Januari 2018 10:04:38 asubuhi

Any news about the message system, because the site is somehow useless if private messaging is not active. I came here because of a YouTube video where a woman learnt Esperanto by writing e-mails with people from lernu.

If your usp dies, your project dies too!

schnellfenster (Wasifu wa mtumiaji) 6 Januari 2018 6:03:55 asubuhi

This is silly so here's a possible solution. Peeps who want to actually use the language by corresponding with members, (that's how obscure conlangs get likes people! Do you want this gift to the world to be more than just a footnote in the history of earnest guys with pince-nez and green star pins in their lapels?) could add their email address to their profile.

Lynchie1975 (Wasifu wa mtumiaji) 7 Januari 2018 2:21:32 alasiri

I recently came back after a long hiatus. This site has definitely gone downhill, sad.

Lynchie1975 (Wasifu wa mtumiaji) 7 Januari 2018 2:40:15 alasiri

I've just discovered you can put your email address in your profile, that might help, for people who have a non-identifiable one.

Lynchie1975 (Wasifu wa mtumiaji) 7 Januari 2018 3:06:26 alasiri

Oops, already been said.

thyrolf (Wasifu wa mtumiaji) 3 Februari 2018 5:12:56 alasiri

ĉu iu el vi iam sukcesis trovi kontakton pere de la epoŝta adreso en sia profilo? (Post la forfalo de la privataj mesaĝoj, kompreneble).

EmilioVdf (Wasifu wa mtumiaji) 7 Februari 2018 2:38:44 asubuhi

Mi iam trovis kontakton pere de la epoŝta adreso en la profilo de iu persono en Mi volis demandi ion al li, sed la dezirita lingvo en la forumo estis la ĉina lingvo. Mi ne konas la ĉinan lingvon, do tial mi sendis al li retmeŝagon kaj sukcesis: li afable sendis al mi la respondon en Esperanto.

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