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Good listening materials?

ya mondoviro, 18 Januari 2021

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mondoviro (Wasifu wa mtumiaji) 18 Januari 2021 8:28:15 alasiri

I feel like lernu! teaches the grammar well but it's a bit weak on oral/listening. Do you guys know if there are things I can listen to as a beginner. For example a Youtube Esperanto channel with subtitles?
Thank you very much!

Metsis (Wasifu wa mtumiaji) 20 Januari 2021 7:34:50 asubuhi

There are lots of videos of and in Esperanto in Youtube, but the problem is to find them. Check Tubaro which has already searched in Youtube and lists Youtube videos that have Esperanto in one form or other. Perhaps you find among them suitable for you.

Bonvenon al Esperantujo!

MiMalamasLaAnglan (Wasifu wa mtumiaji) 21 Januari 2021 4:36:14 alasiri

The YouTuber Evildea has a lot of videos (especially vlogs) with subtitles, but there are some are in English. Very fluent speaker, high talking speed, usually but not always subtitles, but somewhat strange (for example, he introduces himself as "Evildea, via dio" and at the end of every video there is a threat for those who do not watch the next one, often based on something that happened earlier in the video).

Exploring Esperanto is a good YouTube channel for English speakers. Most (but not all) videos are in English about Esperanto grammar or vocabulary topics. Those usually do not have subtitles, unfortunately. There are also "bilingual short films", the same usually approximately 1-minute-long short film first in Esperanto and then in English. Those generally do have subtitles.

TEJO often makes videos showing short messages from Esperanto speakers from all over the world about a common theme. Those have subtitles in Esperanto and the native language of the current speaker incorporated into the video.

Keep It Simple Esperanto is a channel that has videos in Esperanto, often with subtitles in Esperanto and English, about many different topics. It’s usually interesting, and pretty easy to understand.

Scivolemo is a channel that makes a very-high-quality science-themed video every week, a few minutes long. The videos all seem to have subtitles. You will easily be able to learn lots of scientific words from context.

There are also various Esperanto associations that make long videos, usually lectures or meetings, that generally don't have subtitles and are often several hours long. Some of them have onscreen text (presentations, documents, etc.) that the talking is based on. I don't have much experience watching those, but there is a very large supply of those videos.

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