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Oppression of esperantists

de ursego, 2005-oktobro-23

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ursego (Montri la profilon) 2005-oktobro-23 02:39:33

ursego (Montri la profilon) 2005-oktobro-23 02:47:58

Sorry about that blank first posting. I was using Firefox and the system ate my message!

I have read esperantists have been politicially oppressed throughout history, by such people as Hitler, Stalin, and even Saddam Hussein. Stalin, in particular, is said to have ordered a massive, deadly purge of esperantists in the USSR. Unfortunately, I only ever see brief mentions of these episodes. Can anyone point me to more detailed historical accounts of oppression of esperantists? Memoirs of those times, written by survivors of the oppression, would be especially welcome. Thanks for any help or info you can provide.

trojo (Montri la profilon) 2005-oktobro-24 21:27:23

Here's a pretty good historical account in English:

The suppression of Esperanto by Hitler and Stalin is about halfway down.

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