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To or not to add the 'a' between an adjective and an adverb (related to time):

senappa :lta, 12. kesäkuuta 2020

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RiotNrrd (Näytä profiilli) 15. kesäkuuta 2020 12.59.35

When it comes to lastatempe ⟷ posttagmeze, I reason this way. In lastatempe the parts are an adjective and an adverb, the a is retained in the adjective to ease pronunciation, because the second part begins with the same letter. In posttagmeze the parts are a preposition, a noun and an adverb. There is nothing to drop in the preposition, the o gets dropped from the noun in usual way and the adverb stays as adverb.

I think this is the proper explanation. It fully explains why lastatempe has an -a- and posttagmeze does not without going outside the rules, and does not imply the need for a "judgement call" for whether to use the -a- or not. My explanation was what occurred to me at the time, but I think is entirely incorrect. Go with the above answer.

senappa (Näytä profiilli) 15. kesäkuuta 2020 17.35.18

Zam_franca:Miakrede estas kursoj videe organizataj ĉi-somere, ekzemple SES.
As far as I know there are video courses organised this summer, for example SES.
Bonega ligilo. Ĝi estas bona informo. Dankon!

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