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How do some people do it?

by pinto, September 9, 2004

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pinto (User's profile) September 9, 2004, 2:52:34 AM

How do some of the users on this site learn multiple languages?  I would like to know how some achieve this, and possibly do so myself.  Languages are fascintating to me.

boy-o (User's profile) September 9, 2004, 3:12:24 AM

The ability to learn multiple languages comes from experience.  Knowing only one language limits one to the way of thinking of that language, as well as its perspective.  So learning a second can be difficult because there are so many conflicts occuring between one's learned and natural way of thinking/speaking and speaking as opposed to the second language's perspective.


But after that large hurtle to learn a second one, even if you didn't learn it fluently, its already easier to learn yet another.  The more languages one trys and the more one can confidently say one has "under their belt" the easier and easier one will find to learning them.

Esperanto is a good language to learn as a second language because of all the languages it was created from.  And unlike ethnic languages, its easy because there are no irregularities.  The irregularites of a language are usually the hardest to learn, so esperanto did away with them.  Its a good base because you learn a lot of words that are in other languages (ie German 'bild' = picture and Esperanto 'bildo' = picture), so if you want to try them then you've already got a little experience.  And just learning the grammar gives one a new perspective of speaking, and the openness and flexibility of the grammar allows one to experiment with it, swaping the different parts of a sentence.  So then, if one were to learn another language (for instance Japanese) whose grammar structure may be completely different from their native, one could go back to esperanto, swap the grammar, and start to practice to learn this new form of communicating.  and they'd still be understandable to other esperantits.


so in short, the more languages learned means the easier it is to learn.  and the easier it is to learn, then the more you can learn.  so its a double plus.

Noah (User's profile) September 18, 2004, 12:19:28 AM

pinto skribis:

How do some of the users on this site learn multiple languages?  I would like to know how some achieve this, and possibly do so myself.  Languages are fascintating to me.


I took Latin for two years, and I took French for a total of six (four in high school and two in college). The way people learn multiple languages is the the same way the learn a second language: Hard work and use.

For me picking up Esperanto is considerably easier for me since I was used to declinations (grammar-coding).  All I had to do was be introduced to helpi, lerni, spekti, demando, and a host of others one time and I had them. Similarly there are many French cognants: paroli, fenestro, dormi, seĝo, mangxi. Many of the false cognants are true cognants in French: duŝo, atendi, asisti, were like meeting a friend's twin I never knew existed.

Still there are words I have to memorize just like I had to memorize la fenestre and la siège when I was learning French: knabo, bildo, ŝati, ambaŭ, antauŭ, etc. The correlatives are giving me fits and spells.

In the end you learn multiple languages like you learned Esperanto: through study, use, and hard work.



Leksingtono, Kentukio, Usono

Neleke (User's profile) November 3, 2004, 11:14:56 AM

I speak dutch , french ,english ,latin and now I speak esperanto  , you must learn to use the languages that you know , I use all the languages (look to above ) and now I can speak esperanto in 14 days. Esperanto is veeery easy


Machjo (User's profile) November 18, 2004, 6:14:55 AM

I was lucky.  French and English are my mother languages, and I'm learning Chinese in China.   As for Persian and Arabic, however, that's anbother kettle of worms altogether.  At first I decided to learn Esperanto just to get my mind into language learning-mode (among other reasons, such as the 'interna ideo'), and then started with Persian because I'd read that it's basic brammar was easier than that of Arabic.  And once I had at elast a decent command of the Persian Alphabet, I then started Arabic. So while I'm fluent inFrench, English and Esperanto, I'm now studying Chinese, Arabic and Persian.  If you're looking for a strategy, I'd suggest learning your languages in order from easiest to most difficult (to build up your grammar and confidence) or at the same time (if you think you can handle it).  Hope this helps as a strategy.

SEYMOUR (User's profile) November 24, 2004, 10:15:41 PM

I think i can add something in this forum.mi trick? never,ever when you

learning another language never translate in your got let your mind

flow like water,if you don't understand some word in the language you lerning just get the donkey killer(dictionary) to find out.and second start

with your language roots,if you native language is english that means is more easy for you learn german than me.why?because english,dutch,and

german belongs to german languges,my native language es spanish which

means i got to learn romance languge,oki doki.espero ke helpos vin.

Sentima Servisto (User's profile) December 13, 2004, 5:30:55 PM

I speak German, Swiss German, French - Arabic - Danish - Latin - Yiddish - Hebrew - Phoenician - English - Sindarin - Quenya - Coptic - Esperanto - Volapük - Interlingua - Esperanto and English.
Some means that it is very much but in fact, I don't see it that way. And I am still learning new languages.... Take my advice, and koncentrate when learning a language. Take one step several times, for example "Step 1, for morning and for evening". You don't learn a language in one day.

vintermann (User's profile) December 14, 2004, 3:08:51 PM

How well do you speak these languages? Can you say "I want to go to sleep now" in coptic for me?

I can't even write this text in esperanto yet. But I'll try:

Kiom bone vi parolas ĉi tiujn lingvojn? Ĉu vi povas paroli "Mi deziras enlitigi min nun" en la kopta al mi?

Mi eĉ ne povas skribi ĉi tion tektston en esperanto jam. Sed mi provis okulumo.gif


pikapoo (User's profile) February 25, 2005, 10:51:57 PM

dang! you speak that many languages?! i can write quenya, but i cant speak it.

mgayoub (User's profile) May 28, 2005, 6:03:50 PM

"German" and "Swiss German" count as seperate languages?

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