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Forigi vs elpreni

od Heblenn, 28. júna 2020

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Heblenn (Zobraziť profil) 28. júna 2020 9:33:34

Saluton, mi estas komencanto kaj mi skribas recepto por praktiki Esperanton.

Mi volas diri "remove the mixture from the fridge". Ĉu mi skribu "forigi la miksaĵon..." aū "elpreni la miksaĵon..."?

Dankon por helpi min kaj mi pardonpetas pro miaj eraroj!

Metsis (Zobraziť profil) 28. júna 2020 13:38:50

The idea is that you take something out of somewhere preserving it, elpreni means that. Forigi has a connotation that something is removed, thrown away.

Heblenn (Zobraziť profil) 28. júna 2020 14:04:20

Thank you Metsis! I had seen the “throw away” definition in the Lernu dictionary but had also seen someone use “forigi” in the context of a recipe so wasn’t sure which would be most suitable. I will try to remember that distinction.

Metsis (Zobraziť profil) 29. júna 2020 7:26:24

The Lernu "dictionary" is a mere word list, i.e. if you look up "remove" to Esperanto with it, you get "fortiri, forigi, elpreni", but neither explanations nor examples how to use them. You need proper dictionaries to have explanations and examples. You might want to take a look at my posting in another thread.

Heblenn (Zobraziť profil) 29. júna 2020 8:04:02

Ah that's brilliant! I hadn't seen that thread yet (I've been doing some of the course but haven't been on the forum much).

Thank you so much for pointing me to it - all those resources look fantastic.