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How to get those Accents above the Letters.

ya kejos144, 28 Julai 2006

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awake (Wasifu wa mtumiaji) 25 Septemba 2006 3:51:39 asubuhi

Yes, and then option 6 will let you put a circumflex ĉ, ŝ, ĵ, etc... over the next letter typed, and option b will let you put a breve over the next letter typed ŭ.

Bill D:For Mac OS X, I made an Esperanto keyboard layout for my own use, but I guess that it would be useful for any other Mac Esperantists.
Actually, for Mac OS X, the Unicode is build in. You don't need other programs. Just change the keyboard layout from US to US Extended.

bglu0321 (Wasifu wa mtumiaji) 27 Septemba 2006 9:15:35 alasiri

I LOVE HIM FOR MAKING THE MAC LAYOUT. I did use the US Keyboard layout [extended], but I'm going to try it out now.

thekaleb (Wasifu wa mtumiaji) 27 Septemba 2006 10:57:27 alasiri

Ubuntu comes installed with an Esperanto layout.

Le Hibou (Wasifu wa mtumiaji) 30 Septemba 2006 12:00:17 asubuhi

thekaleb:Ubuntu comes installed with an Esperanto layout.
Yes, and it's all well and good, however I don't like it! I'm new to Ubunto (moved from Windows, where I used the wonderful "Ek!" program, and I want the same for Linux/Ubuntu ploro.gif

The problem with a keyboard layout is, the keys change position!. That is, the A on my Belgian keyboard becomes a SX (see, I'm using Ubunto now), Q becomes an A. And so on. I'm a touch-typist, and it was difficult enough to change from the English QWERTY to Belgian AZERTY, but at least the engravings on my keys match what actually appears on the screen! To type without looking at the keyboard takes practise, and if the keys have changed their positions you need to look at the keyboard, but the key engravings have not changed, so where is the d@#§$!!@d W anyway?

I think my head would explode, and my fingers would drop off if I had to use two different keyboard layouts on the same computer rido.gif

RiotNrrd (Wasifu wa mtumiaji) 1 Oktoba 2006 2:54:37 asubuhi

Earlier I mentioned using the eo keymap under Linux. Another thing that you can do is, if you are using FireFox, load the extension "abcTajpu". It provides an easy way to superscript the letters when you are in FireFox. Doesn't work outside of the browser, though. But I used it for quite some time prior to switching over to the eo keymap, and it worked quite well.

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