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dari pastorant, 14 Desember 2006

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pastorant (Tunjukkan profil) 14 Desember 2006 01.30.19

Now that Pola Radio is no longer, kiu havas anstataŭaĵon? Who has a replacement? Besides Pola Radio, is there any other regular online Espersanto news program?
Ĝis la ventoblovido...

Pengolodh (Tunjukkan profil) 14 Desember 2006 05.00.52

RAI has something, but it's only weekly. : on the bottom left

RiotNrrd (Tunjukkan profil) 14 Desember 2006 07.12.13

I read today that Radio Polonia will continue to be produced in Esperanto, but will be available as a podcast only.

News available here:

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