Kiel oni paroli "telephone number" en Esperanto?

narnianut-tól, 2005. május 21.

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narnianut (Profil megtekintése) 2005. május 21. 4:09:26

How does one say "telephone number"? telefona numero?

kannouteki_neko (Profil megtekintése) 2005. május 21. 7:43:47

On the one hand your translation seems logical, since telephone sort of becomes an adjective in that instance, describing the noun number. On the other hand, I notice the translation for "Telephone book" is "telefonlibro" which is just a combination of the two nouns "telephone" and "book" ran together.. rather than telephone turning into an adjective.

But I was wondering about "telephone number" myself though, if there was a more "official" translation.

kannouteki_neko (Profil megtekintése) 2005. május 21. 19:15:17

good point ridulo.gif

Machjo (Profil megtekintése) 2005. május 22. 13:50:47

I say telefonnumero.  Telefononumero, or telefon-numero or telefono-numero would likewise be grammatically correct, but I've always heard it and seen it written 'telefonnumero' without exception so far.

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