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TAKE 7 !!! =D In Montreal!!

by edgarsitow, March 1, 2007

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edgarsitow (User's profile) March 1, 2007, 1:53:37 AM

YES thats right!! TAKE (Tut Amerika Kongreso de Esperanto) is coming to Montreal in 2008 !! I'm just so exited because I'll be living in Montreal next year and it will be my first Esperanto congress to attend =] I just wanted to know if any of my fellow Esperanto speakers here will go? it would be pretty cool if you could go and we could hang around Montreal, there's plenty of stuff to do there as well okulumo.gif the congress will last a week so hope to see some of you there!!

Islander (User's profile) March 1, 2007, 1:56:24 AM

I don't usually make projects that upfront, but that's a definite possibility. I just hope the lineup is not has long as the last Star Trek convention I went to!

Novico Dektri (User's profile) March 1, 2007, 3:16:31 AM

I certainly plan on attending, and if either of you can't wait that long, MEKARO, a slightly smaller but still significant Esperanto event will be happening in Montreal this summer, which I will definately be going to.


erinja (User's profile) March 1, 2007, 4:12:20 PM

I went to MEKARO in Ottawa last year, lots of fun. An incredibly long weekend trip from Boston - my friend and I drove to Montreal Friday after work, stayed overnight with Esperanto speakers there, drove to Ottawa with them on Saturday morning, stayed till Sunday night, drove back to Montreal late Sunday, left at 5 Monday morning to drive back to Boston and not get to work too late. Loads of fun, though. Montreal has a fairly vibrant Esperanto-speaking community with a couple university clubs, so there's stuff going on all year round there, even aside from the big events.

Also, another plug for events - I encourage anyone who hasn't gone to attend the Aŭtuna Renkontiĝo Esperantista in upstate New York. It's mostly a social weekend for the younger set, though there are also talks and classes. It draws Esperanto speakers mostly from Quebec and New England. I'm living in DC now, so it will be harder to get myself up there, but I definitely plan to attend if possible.

Islander (User's profile) March 2, 2007, 12:34:04 AM

I'm curious. Other than speak Esperanto (or try their best in my case), what would one do in such event?

erinja (User's profile) March 2, 2007, 1:58:14 AM

Islander:I'm curious. Other than speak Esperanto (or try their best in my case), what would one do in such event?
For a weekend event like MEKARO (in a city), there's tourism involved. For something like ARE (located at a YMCA camp in the middle of nowhere), there are lots of nature-related activities. If the weather cooperates, people go hiking, boating, etc. plus there is an archery range and stuff like that.

People also give talks on subjects that interest them and people usually bring games too. There's a guy who comes to ARE who brings a couple of Esperanto Scrabble sets, and Esperanto Scrabble is always popular. Plus people often bring card games (with translated Esperanto instructions). In the evenings, there are group events - the first evening usually involves some kind of get to know you games, the second evening is something like a talent evening. And after the end of the official program, the younger set (roughly high school age through 30's) stays up to some ridiculously late hour talking. They also have classes for beginners and intermediate students. Usually there are at least a few beginners in attendence.

T0dd (User's profile) March 2, 2007, 3:05:03 AM

Wow, I haven't been to *any* Esperanto event, or spoken face-to-face in...years. Philadelphia is an Esperanto desert, despite being the 5th largest city in the US. I'm still the only person on Amikumu in the city. I really miss speaking Esperanto.

RiotNrrd (User's profile) March 2, 2007, 3:44:16 AM

Over here in the Portland, Oregon, area, it's also an esperantist desert. I guess there was a UK here back in the early 70's, but that's about the only large meeting I've heard of (and that was over 30 years ago).

Novico Dektri (User's profile) March 2, 2007, 3:57:51 AM

Ah, Erinja, I envy you. It seems I picked the most ironically innapprpriate time to met with the other Esperantists in Ottawa, as I completely missed the MEKARO which happenned there last year, as I was hardly aware that a club even existed in Ottawa at that point. Nevertheless, I'll enjoy Mekaro next year, despite that fact that its not happening in my home city. Its also good to know that I'm bringing some youth to the local club as well- I appear to be the only 16 year old speaker in the city who has thus far contacted the club, but I hope thatthere will be others who will come to Montreal. I enjoy the local meetings more than I can express in any langauge, but thats not to say I wouldn't enjoy getting to know others my age with whom I'd be able to relate on a more personal level.

edgarsitow (User's profile) March 2, 2007, 4:23:54 AM

Glad to hear people are assisting all these events, as for me I will also try to go to as many events as I can, and don't worry about the lack of young people in those events, for as me being 17 years old you can count someone else assisting those events not too far from now okulumo.gif but yeah I would like to know if more people of around my age or so are going to those events, haven't heard much of MEKARO or where it's going to be but I will definitely go to TAKE =]

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